Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera Review – Best Budget 4k Camera

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Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera

The best budget 4k camera is Xiomi mijia 4k action camera. Xiaomi is very well known for the exceptional value that it offers for most of its products. We have seen many products of Xiaomi such as Phones, headphones, mouse, earbuds, power bank, Mi TV, Xiaomi shoes etc. The Xiaomi Mijia 4k Mini Action Camera is no exception. This action camera can shoot 4K videos at 30 fps, comes with touchscreen display and the price is $110.

When you open the box. The first thing inside the box is the camera itself. You also get a battery, USB cable, and user manual.

The Xiaomi Mijia 4K Mini is made out of plastic but it’s not that type of cheap looking plastic that we have seen on many other action cameras. This one also has a 2.4″ touchscreen on the back.

Xiaomi Mijia 4k mini acton camThe touch sensitivity is OK but not as good as you would find on a smartphone but appropriate and good enough to control the camera. The only button available is the power button and that is also the recording or the OK button. But everything can be easily done right from the touchscreen. The great thing about the Mijia 4K is the fact that it achieves somewhat better video quality for a lower price.

Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action CameraThe interface is very user-friendly and everything is done with ease. Swipe to the right from the main screen and you can choose any of the mods available in there. Each mode has its own set of settings and to access that you can press the little settings button at the bottom of the screen. There is built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. Swiping down you have access to a quick toggle menu and from there you can turn on the WiFi and access the general settings menu.

The Xioami Mijia 4K Mini camera can also be controlled from your smartphone or tablet over WiFi. To do that you need to download the Mi Home app and that is available in the Google Play Store or the iOS store. From the app, you can see everything that the camera sees up to about 10 meters away. The camera’s settings can also be controlled directly from that app. It’s also possible to view the pictures and footage recorded on the camera but in order to see them, you have to first download them on the device.

The Xiaomi Mijia 4k Mini Action Camera can record in real 4K@30fps and the footage recorded during the day looks among the best I have seen from any action camera. The camera can also record in slow motion but only in 1080P or 720P. The picture quality is also great if you have plenty of light but not amazing in low light conditions.

If we talk about picture quality. Picture quality is also good in decent light. But it will not impress you more in low light condition. Here are some sample images were taken by Xiaomi mijia 4k action camera. Have a look at these images.


Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action CameraIf you want to buy the Xiaomi Mijia 4k Mini Action Camera. It would be a good choice. Well, those are my thoughts on the Xiomi mijia 4k action camera, but I would love to know your thoughts too in the comments section below. If you like the post share it with your friends.



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