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Windows is a platform we have been using for years now and while Windows 10 has remained. Windows 10 Microsoft has regularly updated the platform with various new options and settings that will enhance the windows experience.

There are some settings in the windows that you should change right away. Some of these features and options might be limited to the windows inside a preview and they might not be available on your PC or laptop.

Here are these settings:

1-Enable Clipboard History:

Most and recently a new clipboard feature that is one of my favourite new features. I have been waiting for a native clipboard feature to arrive on Windows for so long and now that it’s finally here. All you need to do is to go to the clipboard setting in the system settings. Here you can just enable clipboard history and sync across devices if you want to copy and paste between multiple devices. Now you can just use the keyboard shortcut Windows + V to open the clipboard anytime anywhere. And just check out everything you have copied and paste it with these. It’s pretty awesome.

2- Turn On Print Screen Shortcut:

Microsoft recently brought new screenshot tool to Windows 10 and it’s great but to use it. You have to use the keyboard shortcut Windows + shift + S and it’s not the easiest or most intuitive keyboard shortcut out there. Microsoft understood that and now you can use the good old Print Screen Button to open up the new screenshot. To enable it you can just head to keyboard settings on your PC and here just scroll down and you will find the print screenshot rhythm, just enable it. Now you can just press the Print Screen Key to open up the screenshot tool to take a rectangular screenshot, freeform screenshot or a full screenshot right away. Let’s once you have taken a screenshot, you can quickly edit it.

3-Enable Nearby Sharing:

We have always wanted an airdrop like file sharing feature in Windows. Right not many people know but Windows already has a similar feature called Nearby Sharing that uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to let people share files with other Windows PC’s with ease now. Enabling it is as easy as it gets, you can just open up the Action Center, you just turn on the nearby sharing option. Now you can just right-click on a file and click on share option which will open up a sharing dialogue where you will see all the nearby Windows devices. Now if you want to send that file to someone, you just have to click on his PC and share the file with ease and that it’s pretty cool. Note that the receiver who needs to have the nearby sharing feature turned on.

4- Link Your Phone:

At times when you take a picture from your smartphone and you quickly need to send it to your PC for quicker editing right when Windows 10 now has a really seamless feature for that. This feature is your Phone feature.

In the settings page there is a phone option, right here just add your phone after which you will get a link to your phone companion app on your phone obviously. Then just install the app after which just sign in with Microsoft account. Give it the permissions you know the drill. Once everything set up you will see all the photos and messages from your phone in your phone app on your PC plus when you take a photo on your phone it shows up instantly here on your PC so that is pretty great. I know the app is still pretty limited but Microsoft has promised a number of new features in the next update so it will definitely get better.

5- Set Up Focus Assist:

Focus Assist is something that lets you choose which notifications you would like to see while the rest go directly to the action centre. You will find the focus assist as the settings in the system settings and you can set notifications to priority only or alarms only. There are also rules that you can customize so if you want only what in notifications during workers you can even set things up for when you are at home. So it’s pretty handy and it’s a pretty underrated feature, to be honest.

6- Use Controlled Folder Access:

Not so many people know that Windows 10 now has a built-in feature called Controlled Folder Access to protect you against ransomware. You will find the option in the windows security’s virus and threat protection page. Here you can just turn on controlled folder access. Check the folders that product it and add folders that you want to protect who does that have your personal and sensitive data. Now what controlled folder access does is, it recognizes Malware and does not let such apps and sorta to make any changes in the protected folders. So even if there is a ransomware attack on your PC. this folder should be safe theoretically.

7- Take Control Of Your Privacy:

The privacy issues in Windows and the fact that the platform collects a lot of user data but the good thing is that you can always control your privacy in various settings. In the settings page, there is a dedicated privacy option that lets you change general privacy options as you can see. Let turn this off really quickly. There is also the voice recognition permission which you should disable so that Microsoft can’t collect your voice.

Although that will disable Cortana but who even uses Khurana anyways you should also disable the inking and typing permission too so that Microsoft does not use your typing history. Then there are the activity history permissions which pass the cool new Windows Timeline Feature. You should disable this if you don’t want that Microsoft will record your activities. Scroll down on this page and you can also see all the other unnecessary permissions any apps might be taking and disable them easily. As you can see Microsoft and a lot of other apps on Windows do collect a lot of data and I think you should disable these permissions if your privacy is appointed.

8- Enhance Gaming Performance:

There are few different ways to improve gaming performance in Windows PC. Windows includes a couple of native options to improve or smooth the game performance. First is the Game Mode which you can enable in the gaming settings. Obviously once enable game or prioritizes your PC’s resources especially when you have other apps open in the background to make sure the gaming performance is smooth. We did not notice any major difference really when with game mode turn off or on but if you want to play some games while using another app like a disk or to maybe chat with the teammates this can really be really handy.

Then there are the new graphics settings in the display settings which lets to customize graphics performance for specific apps. You can set any game to high-performance to get a smoother performance on a laptop. This option does not really make a huge difference but you notice a slight improvement in the overall smoothness of the game so it’s definitely doing something. These native options do bring a marginal improvement in the game performance but do not expect anything extraordinary.


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