Settings you should change

I am damn sure that most of you use all of these apps every single day while you must be aware of the basic options. There are some settings that you should change right away to enhance your experience with these apps.

Now let’s get to the settings and start off with the most popular app out there.

1-Hide Whatsapp Media From The Gallery:

Sometimes your phone gallery is filled with many weird good mornings and good night photos memes and a lot of viral videos all thanks to WhatsApp. Deleting all of these photos regularly can be a huge task but fortunately, WhatsApp has a setting that saves you from all the trouble. In WhatsApp chat settings there is an option show media in gallery. Well does disable it and none of the WhatsApp photos will be saved in the gallery. However, if you want to save photos from a particular person or group there is a way to do that. You can just go to that person’s profile and just tap on the media visibility option and select yes and any media sent by that person will save in your gallery. It’s really handy.

Whatsapp settings

2- Set Time Limit on Instagram Usage:

Instagram can be really addictive when you are just scrolling through photos, watching videos and checking out stories. Endless know there’s though you are all caught up prompt there’s always the explore. Well!if you are addicted to Instagram you would be glad to know that there’s an option in Instagram to limit the time you waste on Instagram. There is your activity option here which shows you your daily average time spent on Instagram and even has an option to set a daily reminder. You can just set it to that time which you think sounds fine and when your time is up, the Instagram will send you a reminder just like this.

You cant still skip it and keep Instagramming but at least you will be weighed down by some guilt. To be honest, if you have digital well-being features on your phone you probably don’t need this but digital will feature unlimited to a very few phones.

Instagram activity3- Use Incognito Mode in YouTube:

I am pretty sure that this has happened with you when you probably watched a lame video on youtube and the next thing you know your whole youtube homepage and recommendations are filled with similar lame videos and that kinda sucks. Right the good news is that youtube has a new incognito mode for this lame and even so lame videos in YouTube app. You can just tap on the profile icon where you find how to turn on Incognito mode you can just turn it on and now you can watch whatever you want without getting your homepage messed up. In the Incognito mode, your search history and watch history is not saved so that’s great you cannot use the subscriptions or the inbox tag.

Snooze people on Facebook4- Snooze people on Facebook:

With current affairs, Facebook is filled with random political posts which are usually very annoying and sometimes you don’t like to see such posts.

So what do you do! when your friends start posting political views and opinions which you don’t want to see, you can always block them. But Facebook has a better and more polite option the snooze option, so the next time you see an annoying post from your friend you can just tap on three dots and snooze the person’s post for 30 days and in this way you can keep your friendship and your sanity.

Snooze people on Facebook5- Enable Horizontal Tab Switcher in Google Chrome:

Right now here is how the Chrome tabs which it looks like on Android I mean its fine but it’s not the most intuitive or user-friendly interface, while Google has been testing a horizontal tab switch on Chrome and it’s available via Chrome clients in Chrome flags page. You can just search for horizontal tab switcher and just enable it.

The tabs switcher will look like this:

google chromeI think this is a lot better than the older user interface.

6- Enable Simplified View in Google Chrome:

A lot of people have been wanting reading mode room and well it’s finally here the reading mode in Chrome is called simplified view and it’s pretty handy. You can enable it in chrome’s accessibility settings and once you have done that you can just open up any article and you will see a prompt at the bottom that you can just tap to open up the simplified view of the Whippet in the simplified view. There is no distractions or ads which should make up for a better reading experience plus even though it is set to work on supported websites in your usage it worked almost every article you were reading on the web, although it was little slow at times.

Enable Simplified View in Google Chrome7- Force Dark Mode in Google Maps:

If you have used Google maps for the navigation you must have seen the navigation UI Switch between light and dark depending on whether it’s night or day. I have always preferred the dark user interface in the navigation screen and if you prefer that too you can force Google Maps to always use the dark user interface in the navigation screen. In Google maps navigation settings you can just scroll down and you will find the map display option here you can just change its colour scheme from automatic to night and that is it. The next time you are navigating somewhere you will see the dark user interface no matter what time of the day it is.

Force dark mode in Google Maps8- Configure Swipe Actions in Gmail

In Gmail App you have probably seen these swipe gestures which by default might not be so Handy for you but did you know that you can actually customize these swipe gestures to different actions in Gmail general settings. There is a swipe actions option, here you can just set the right swipe to Mark as read or unread and the left swipe to snooze. These are basically the two things you do quite often in Gmail so it’s pretty Handy.

Configure Swipe Actions in Gmail9- Confidential Mode in Mail:

There are times when you need to send sensitive information like your bank account details or an ID proof over email which is honestly not the safest way to go, and that is where Gmail confidential mode comes into play. In the composed page in the Gmail app you can just tap on three-dot menu button and tap on confidential mode, now you can just set an expiration for the email after which it will self-destruct. You can set the email to expired in one day or even 5 years plus if you are feeling super paranoid you can even set a password for the email that Google will send to the recipient. The recipient will receive through a link stored by Google so, it should be very secure.

Confidential Mode in Mail10- Disable Notification Previews:

Certification previews are useful but not so much when somebody next to you is creeping while not many people know that it can actually hide notifications previews in Facebook messenger. You can just go to Facebook messenger settings. here in the notifications and sounds page just disable notifications previews and that is it not even when you receive a message it’s a notification or even its chat head would not reveal the details of the message so all of this is really great.

Facebook Messenger Notification previewWhat do you think about these settings? let us know in the comment section below and share it with your friends.



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