Maybe you have been using an iPhone for years or maybe you just recently switched to it, in both cases, there are so many little iPhone tricks and settings that you don’t know about it but really should.

#1 Make your iPhone Speaker Louder

Here is a trick for boosting the volume on your cell phone, Go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Music’, scroll down and tap ‘EQ’, and then finally select ‘Late Night’ from the list of settings.

The trick won’t make your iPhone as loud as if it were plugged into a speaker, but many people noted that it did increase the volume of the music they were playing. You can thanks me later.

#2 Secure Your Sim With a Sim Pin

Having your phone stolen is never a fun feeling, however it can be made worse if someone then starts using a sim in a different phone then can easily access to almost every account you have online such as your emails Facebook twitter or any account and basically destroy your life, you can prevent this by simply using a sim pin, in settings tap on phone then go to sim pin. Enable sim pin and set up a pin. This ensures that whenever your sim is inserted into a different phone, or even your phone is restarted. It will ask for the sim pin. Obviously, you should not forget your own sim pin, so memorize it as best as you can.

#3 Lock Your Screen on One Specific App

Whenever you friend ask for the phone to make a call, and you don’t want to let him use your phone after making the call or if you simply like your children to focus on their exercise app, you can use iOS Guided Access feature to lock your screen on one specific app.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Tap on General, Accessibility. After that, Tap on Guided Access.

Tap the button to turn on Guided Access.

Tap on Passcode Settings. After this Tap Set Guided Access Passcode and set a passcode of your choice.

Launch the app you would like the user to have access to. In this case, we use dial pad.

Press the Home button three times to launch Guided Access. After this tap on Start at the top of the phone screen to begin Guided Access.

Once Guided Access is enabled, any person trying to leave the specific app you have locked it. he/she will receive a message at the top telling them to triple-click the Home button to exit. If they don’t know the passcode you have already set, they won’t be able to exit Guided Access.

#4 Offload Apps to Reclaim Storage Space

iOS 11 brought the ability to offload apps from your iPhone, this results in the app getting uninstalled but all the documents and app specific information still remain saved on your phone. Offloading apps can help u get storage space back from apps that you don’t use often and when you do need them again you can simply install them back and they will work as if they were always there. in settings go to general and then into iPhone storage, tap on the app you want to offload and tap on offload app.

#5 How to Hide Photos on iPhone in a Private Photo Album

You can hide any photo from the photo album that you don’t want to show in the photo album. If you have personal images on your iOS device, you can hide them in just a few clicks.

Open the Photos app on your iPhone. Search the photo you want to hide.

Tap the Share icon in the bottom left corner. After this select Hide and confirm Hide Photo.

That’s it! You have hidden the photo. To view your hidden photos, go to photos tap on the Albums. Find the album called Hidden and open it.

#6 Dark Mode on iPhone

Apple has finally delivered the feature of dark mode. in settings go to general, head over to accessibility and then display accommodations, tap on invert colors and enable smart invert. it inverts colors in such a way that your images and app icons are not affected by the color inversion but the entire UI is converted to a dark theme. I think this is as close to a dark mode.

#7 Hide Notification Contents on Lock Screen

Your iPhone gives you much control on your notification content visible on the lock screen. But its kind of silly and it also privacy threat, anyone can read your personal messages without ever having to unlock your iPhone, inside settings go to notifications, here you will see three options, always, when unlocked and never, select when unlocked and you are all done, never is also a good option to go with.

#8 Disable ‘In-App Ratings and Reviews’

This next one is really great. Go to Settings > iTunes and App Store > then In-App Ratings and Reviews option, disable that. Doing this will stop apps from being able to ask you to review them on the app store, which is really good. Apple recently changed their app store policies so apps have to honor this setting and use a new API for requesting reviews. Though this does mean that if the app you are using hasn’t been updated recently, it still might be able to.

#9 Two Factor Authentication

This next trick has to do with two-factor authentication, In settings, click on your name at the top for Apple ID, iCloud, and iTunes. Then click Password & Security, and enable “Two Factor Authentication”. The process will make it very helpful so whenever you want to log into your Apple account from a new device, you’ll need to enter a secret code that’s either sent to your mobile phone number or can be shown on one of your iOS devices. This is really great for many reasons, first of all, if someone somehow gets your password. If you enable two-factor authentication, it makes it even more difficult for someone to login into your account.

#10 Backspace in Calculator

If you use iOS Calculator most of the time. You know the frustration of mistyping a digit and then having to start the calculation all over again from the zero. This hidden backspace trick means you won’t have to click on the C or AC buttons every time whenever you make a mistake. Just swipe to the right or the left at the top of the screen, where all the digits are displayed. The swiping acts as a backspace command, and will remove the last number you entered.


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