Get mac Features on Windows 10

How to get Mac features on windows 10? Apple announced Mac OS Mojave at WWDC earlier and it comes with some awesome new features like dark mode desktop, stacks dynamic wallpaper and lot more.

It’s quite impressive so that got me wondering If you can get all of these awesome features on Windows PC. So let’s start how you can get mac features on windows 10.

Here are these features:

Dark Mode:

Mac OS Mojave finally brings the most awaited dark mode feature and it is beautiful. It changes everything on Mac OS to an awesome dark shade and I really love it.

All you need to do is go to the Personalization Settings and then go to the Colors Option. Here you can just scroll to the bottom and just set the default app mode as Dark.

This changes all of the app Windows and stuff, the shades of black and grey which looks very good. However, the taskbar and start menu don’t change and you can just pick a dark color manually and you are all set. There you have it a dark mode on Windows that is pretty similar to what to get in the Mac OS Mojave.

Dynamic Wallpaper:

Mac OS Mojave also brings a beautiful new dynamic wallpaper that changes according to the time of the day. It has some really great effects and looks beautiful. If you want dynamic wallpaper on Windows first you will have to download the Mac OS wallpapers which you can find from the link given below:

Download macOS Mojave wallpapers

Once you have done that just create a folder and move the wallpapers here and also make two copies of each wallpaper. Once you are done just head to Personalization Settings and to Slideshow in the Background Dropdown Menu and select the folder you just made and set Change Picture Every to 6 hours. Then just disable shuffle and enable Allow slideshow when on battery power. That is your wallpaper will now automatically change just the way it does on Mac OS Mojave.


Another thing that is new in Mac OS Mojave is desktop stacks. These are extremely useful for people who have a cluttered desktop because it turns the cluttered desktop into a non-cluttered desktop. So if that sounds like a feature you might be interested in to install it.

You can install the Fences app from the link given below:

Download Fences from Windows 10

Once the installation is complete the app will automatically categorize all the things on a desktop in nice looking stacks. If you want a more minimal look you can enable Roll-up Fences by double-clicking on any of these stacks title bars. This looks cool I know it’s not the same as Mac OS Mojave but it’s good enough. The app is available in a free trial for 30 days after which you will have to pay $10 to get the full version.

Quick Look:

One of my most favorite and most used features on my Mac is a quick look and in Mac OS Mojave it gets even better and more powerful. I can just open an image or a video in quick look and even get some basic editing options right there that is awesome. You can get a quick look at Windows easily. You can just install QuickLookApp from the Windows store and that is it. Now you can just select an image video etc and just press spacebar to get a quick look at the file. The app does not bring the same functionality as Mac OS Mojave but it’s very close.

Screenshot Tool:

Max always had a pretty solid screenshot tool but in Mac OS Mojave Apple made it even better. You now get a nice screenshot Achebe at the bottom of the screen with options for different types of screenshots, screen recording, and even time screenshot. It’s awesome. When you can get almost the same functionality on Windows with an app like Tinytake which has keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots, screen recording and even capture video from your webcam plus like Mac OS Mojave. Once you take a screenshot it automatically opens up an editor where you can quickly annotate it, add text to it, crop it and more. However, if you don’t want to install an app the latest Windows 10 bills come with a handy screenshot tool build in along with all the editing features which should be good enough for the most people.

Finder Features:

Mac OS Mojave brings a lot of new features to the finder like the new Gallery view the ability to see complete metadata in the sidebar and even quick actions all of which are pretty awesome handy tools to have. In Windows 10 you can do the same in the built-in Explorer itself.

To get the gallery view simply head over to view and enable the preview pane to get a Gallery view like look on your Windows PC also, you can enable the details pan to get stuff like the metadata for an image or any other files which is something a lot of photographers will find useful plus Windows too has quick actions like contextual features. When you are inside a folder full of images you can get picture tools right there.

What do you think about these features? Let us know in the comment section below and share it with your friends.



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